Sunday Funday! (or so they say) I'm on a good balance between getting things done and enjoying the good things. It is finally looking like Spring in London. I can almost say I waited all year for this, (it was really just a few months..). After so many Winters, I can't seem to get used to cold. I'd move to an all-year-round Summer city in a blink of an eye and wear bikinis all year long. And yes, I've thought of Sidney and California many times, it's been on my mind all Winter..

So what's new you may ask.. I'm packing tonight for a 10 day trip to Madeira Island to get my tan back. My bronzer in is shade nude - it's critical. Plus, the Spring is almost over and I haven't worn a dress other than that day in Cannes and Villefranche and damn! - it was windy and cold!

About the look, I went to the Millbank Tower for a private event with a few brands. Chilled, relaxed and stylish, a good portrait of my personality haha. Kept everything fitted and comfortable with some high waisted push-up leggings a black crop top, my favourite high leather boots and what is probably the coolest jacket in my closet at the moment. Such a statement piece, I can see this living in my closet for a really long time..

What's your favorite piece in your closet at the moment? See you soon!

Pink Denim Jacket: Acne StudiosBershka Collection 


A weekend in Paris riding a Vespa around town can easily bring me back a few years to when Lizzie McGuire was pretty much the coolest girl on screen. Although the movie was in Italy, the mood was not so different.

Now one thing I don't get.. Why do I have to get sick everytime I travel on a weekend? It might be the fact that I'd rather stay longer and make that flight hustle worth it - I love travelling but I am not in love any form of transportation (other than nice cars and maybe rockets) haha.

About the look, I kept it quite simple as I didn't bring much with me and was completely unaware of the weather. The jeans were sort of an emergency purchase because you can't really ride a Vespa with any type of bottoms, (and that's when my look became even more casual) to be honest I wanted to wear some white jeans but was too afraid to get them dirty!

Funny enough, since this was a while back, these sneakers jeans and sunglasses no longer live in my closet. And the jacket, t-shirt and scarf are now for sale on my depop/vinted. You wouldn't believe how quickly I get over things. 

Have you ever been to Paris? See you soon!


I've been talking about his once since the beginning of the year. Temporary tattoos are very likely to pick up this Summer. Not only in the metallic colours as we have been seeing since 2015 but more in a colour burst of art.
This type of tattoo will also likely pick up in a non-temporary/permanent form. Beeing florals and animal shapes the most popular as you can see bellow. Sleeves and 2'' tattoos will also be done under the same mindset:  colour > black.

Since it is an emerging trend you will be slightly challenged to get one of these temporary art pieces, however, if you find it too much hustle, don't worry, it will be a matter of time of the high street stores to get their own available for you to choose from.